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Migrate to a New Email Service Provider

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So you’re here because you found yourself in a situation where you need to switch to a new ESP. Headaches abound? Don’t know where to start? 

There’s actually quite a bit to take into account when migrating to a new ESP – cleaning and preparing your email lists, segmenting your data, setting up process rules and current opt-in processes, as well as warming up your new IP address. 

A properly conducted migration process should take all of this into account otherwise you’ll find yourself with little to show for the efforts.   

My team will provide you with a complete optimized onboarding process to ensure you avoid any reputation damaging activities and get you up and running in no-time. 

Spend Less Time Stressing

With each migration you’ll need to have a clear path as to what your new email service provider will bring to you. Many switch because they want better customer service, lower costs, more or enhanced features, increased deliverability rates, or even a combination of these factors.

I take the necessary knowledge and understanding of your current ESP practices and combine that with your future email marketing goals to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.   My basic migration packages start at $850 USD.

Migrate to a New Email Service Provider

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1. First and Foremost

Before any migration, be sure to accurately assess your situation. Is it because you are looking to improve your email metrics, such as deliverability? Many times, this may be the reason. However, I ask that you carefully ask yourself this question FIRST. Could my emails be improved without moving to a new ESP? 

IF you believe your emails themselves need to be improved, I recommend to start with my Email Campaign Assessment. The assessment costs $99 and allows me to analyze your email campaigns and your current strategy, break down the major problems, and show you exactly what is needed to increase ROI and campaign performance. 

There are two reasons WHY I recommend to start with this:

1) Sometimes switching to a new ESP will not solve the problem, and I don’t want you paying for something that is not needed. 

2) Many small businesses can’t afford my email marketing fees. My assessment allows me to provide these businesses with critical, unbiased advice that you can then use to maximize your ROI.

If my assessment shows that improved emails will take you in the direction needed for success, I will include a quote for your work required.  My minimum project fee is $850 USD and most of my projects fall within $1-3k.

2. Consultation and Action Plan

Once we decide to work together, whether you directly hire me or choose the assessment, we’ll go through a questionairre together that allows me to get a better understanding of your exact migration needs. 

As every project is different I usually break the project down into phases so you have a better idea of what to expect and when to expect it.

Delivery dates are defined on a project-by-project basis, but my standard turnaround time for migrations is 2 weeks.

3. Processes and Completion

I have a track record of 100% client satisfaction, and I am available to you after your project is complete for 1 month to fix any issues that may arise.

When you hire me, my goal isn’t to get paid. My goal is to get you the best results possible, so you can expect me to offer you my best advice, even if it may not be what you think works best.

Once your migration project is complete and you are 100% satisfied you can choose if you want to take over the reins yourself with your ongoing campaigns or if you still need my assistance in any way. This is completely optional but I do offer monthly packages whereby you can leave your campaigns in my hands to develop for you. Included with that is monthly monitoring of your email revenue, list maintenance and campaign performance.  

Email Service Provider Migrations. Done Seamless.

Looking to Migrate from MailChimp to Klaviyo?

Here’s an example of my most popular ESP Migration – MailChimp to Klaviyo.


  • Integrate Klaviyo into your Klaviyo Store
  • integrate Klaviyo with your Mailchimp account to migrate and monitor the data migration
  • Migrate Subscriber profile data from MailChimp to Klaviyo
  • Update Shopify signup forms from Mailchimp to Klaviyo
  • Migrate any current automations from Malichimp to Klaviyo
  • Set up any new templates for campaigns
  • Quality Assurance and testing
  • Walkthrough meeting with to show you your new account


  • Everything in basic plus:
  • Full list cleaning for your subscriber list
  • Evaluation and set up of list segments
  • Email Send Warm Up & Onboarding*
  • Set up advanced customizations in your new Klaviyo account - for example Global frequency caps.
  • Manual import of any custom variables from MailChimp to Klaviyo

Each undelivered email is a lost opportunity. Don't risk a drop in your deliverability.

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